25 August 2020

Restart of the APPROACH clinical visits

As a result of the restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 crisis, the APPROACH study experienced a 2-month interruption of the clinical visits performed within the project. However, in May 2020 the APPROACH clinical sites in Norway, Spain, and France were able to restart the visits, followed by the clinical sites in The Netherlands which initiated visits once again in August 2020.

This is great news for the APPROACH project, because in this way the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the study will be limited. Moreover, restarting clinical visits means that the quality of the APPROACH study will not be jeopardized by the crisis. Assuming the visits could be continued in the following months, the last visit of the very last patient to be included in the APPROACH study will be performed on time – namely in April 2021.

In fact, before the restart of the clinical visits, the APPROACH clinical sites confirmed that they will perform the upcoming visits according to all regulations including COVID-19-related requirements enforced by their local authorities.

So far, more than 80 2-year visits have been performed within the APPROACH clinical study.