30 March 2020

Impact of COVID-19 on APPROACH

The APPROACH project has inevitably been affected by the present Covid-19 pandemic. The project management team is monitoring the situation closely and is working in close collaboration with the IMI.

Delays in the clinical studies unfortunately cannot be prevented. However, with some adaptations to the plans, we will try to work around the major issues in order to reach the original study targets. Until further notice, all clinical visits for study participants have been cancelled and will potentially be postponed to a date later this year. Participants for whom visits have been planned in the near future have been or will be informed personally.

Most other activities for the project, such as sample analysis and data analysis, have been put on hold, because laboratories and universities have temporarily closed their doors. Meanwhile, researchers are doing their best to work from home as much as possible.

In case you have specific questions about how we deal with COVID-19, don’t hesitate to contact us. General questions can be sent to approach@lygature.org. For study participants: please contact your local study manager.