13 March 2020

The first patient to finalise the APPROACH study

The APPROACH clinical team is happy to announce that the first patients to finalise the APPROACH study has successfully completed their 2-year involvement in the research

In February the clinical team from our clinical site in Utrecht, The Netherlands, has initiated the M024 visits and has performed 22 of them so far. These visits are very important for the progress of our research, because they constitute the last visits according to the clinical protocol. Within them patients have been closely followed and examined for 2 years now.

Researchers from the department of Rheumatology from the UMC Utrecht share:

“All examinations for the first patients who recently completed the study have been performed according to protocol. This preludes the start of the longitudinal evaluation of the images acquired over the course of the two years follow-up. This means that if the last patient completes the last visit, the central readers will only need a few weeks to finalize the image analysis of the whole cohort. This together with all the other parameters acquired from all patients over the course of the study will provide the answers to the primary questions of the APPROACH consortium. This means we will demonstrate whether we can predict progression of disease and whether we can identify new phenotypes/endotypes of osteoarthritis”.

The clinical sites in Leiden, The Netherlands, and A Coruna, Spain, will start these visits in March, the site in Oslo, Norway, will start these visits in April, and the site in Paris, France, will initiate them in January 2021.